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88 design-led development studio. I focus on building modern and bespoke websites for the art, creative and cultural industries. I’m interested in the personality of the digital user. I use Kirby as CMS most of the time and host my websites on renewable energy. My desk is currently located at Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden.
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My latest project was for the architect Ernst Schubert. I developed a modular website that appends the projects on the bottom of the page. The next project that I developed was the website for PASSE-AVANT, which is the leading online magazine for contemporary art based in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Back in 2018 I developed the website for the photographer Julia Albrecht. I also developed the website for Nova Space. It's a small art gallery based in Weimar, led by students. How can we scroll back and forth? I developed the website grove-journal as well and it got featured in hoverstat.es! Last but not least: themtyp.es is a website to share and distribute contemporary typefaces. On there you can find my typefaces as well. You can check out the privacy policy, but only if you really want to. Expand this website by working with me. bildschirmfoto-2020-03-24-um-08.45.31.jpg bildschirmfoto-2020-03-24-um-08.46.08.jpg bildschirmfoto-2020-03-24-um-08.48.37.jpg bildschirmfoto-2020-03-24-um-08.49.06.jpg bildschirmfoto-2020-03-24-um-08.49.34.jpg bildschirmfoto-2020-03-24-um-08.49.52.jpg